​​​Shakastics​-                         Hand painted Ghoul

​                                               Hand painted Welcome to Hell

​                                               Hand painted Black and Blue Boy

Terror of Planet X​-           Ghoul deck

                                               Elissa Steamer deck

Surprise Skate​-                  Bone Heads deck

                                               Moon Goon deck

                                               Prick deck

                                               Ghoul deck


Buffalo Exchange-               Craig Gleason solo show 2012

Jobot Coffee-                         Craig Gleason solo show 2015

Creature Features-              Monster Squad Official


Gallery 1988-                         Pixel Heart

                                                 30 Years Later

                                                 20 Years Later

                                                 Idiot Box: The Return

                                                Bob's Burgers Official

                                                Mattel Official

                                                Crazy 4 Cult

Palabra                               Goons, Gangs, and Ghouls

Secret Headquarters-       Bad Guys Guide

​Cartoon Network ​-            Amarillo, Azul, y Rojo

Joy Gallery-                          Radioactive Swamp